5 Natural Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Home

When summer rolls around, mosquitoes come with the warm temperatures and the sunshine to our dismay. Mosquitoes are annoying nuisance that ruin our plans, often biting us the money they can do so.

You can keep this pest away from your home by keeping a few simple things in mind, like the five below.

1.    Citronella: Citronella candles keep mosquitoes away from your property. Different citronella offers different results. Some work better than others. Citronella candles can also be rather expensive to purchase. They are best used for outdoor use.

2.    Essential Oils: A variety of essential oils can help keep mosquitoes far away from your property. The best choices include lavender, peppermint oil, clove, and basil.

3.    Garlic: Garlic not only keeps vampires out of your house, but it keeps mosquitoes away too. Just plant a garlic clove on a table or other nearby location to ensure this pest does not make a meal of you.

4.    Clothing Colors: You can also keep mosquitoes away by choosing light colored clothing during the summer and when you will spend extra time outdoors. White, yellow and pink are three great color choices to keep the pests away.

5.    Mosquito Netting: Special mosquito netting is available to cover porches, decks, patios, and other outside areas. Mosquitoes cannot squeeze through the netting, so you get an extra means of protection against the pest. This usually works best when combined with other mosquito treatments.

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The tips above are a few ways to keep mosquitoes away from your property without using harsh and sometimes dangerous chemicals. Use these ideas and be sure to call professionals for mosquito treatment in Georgetown. Mosquitoes can ruin your summer very quickly but with a bit of proactive activity, that worry is a thing of the past.