Having Difficulty Coping With LGBTQ+ Life?

coping mechanisms eden prairie

You thought being gay was heart-breaking today? Try being such a man in the proverbial dark ages. Back then, men who chose to love the same sex owing to their birth-right had it much harder. Apart from being called all manner of worse names that you may have endured today, they were treated rather cruelly. In fact, just try and imagine being branded a criminal in the event that you were, let’s just say, caught in the act. But please do take heart today. Because while these gentlemen and lads had no support whatsoever, you at least, are being gifted with coping mechanisms eden prairie men and boys.

And ladies and girls too, for that matter. Now, the support group work does go further. It is good timing it has to be said. Because listen to this. Such therapists and kind caregivers as they may well be could very well relate. They may know full well what you are going through. And in saying that, there is perhaps irony in this. Because listen to this still further. During the nineteen sixties and seventies, both before and after the historic Stonewall uprising, which incidentally featured a majority of black or African American gays and lesbians, not much was known about the virus that has today come to be known as HIV-Aids.

In the earlier eras, the general population chose to stigmatise and labeled this as a gay disease. Which today, it is well known and clearly proven, it is not. Anyone can get this disease, no matter what their sexual preference or gender orientation. And the same goes for today’s still rather unknown virus otherwise known as the coronavirus. Anyone can get this disease, no matter who or what they are.